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Our mission is to help companies streamline their HR processes, empower employee autonomy and enhance operational efficiency to achieve happier and more productive workplaces. With a dedicated team of seasoned HR and technology experts, our ethos is deeply rooted in a people-first approach, understanding that the heart of any organisation lies in its people – the managers and employees. As companies embrace the future of digital HR management, Humanshine bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, empowering  organisations to radiate excellence from within. Read more about the story behind our name.

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Employee training tracking


Employee training tracking

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Employee training tracking


Employee training tracking


Aoife O'Brien, CEO

Aoife O'Brien


Caroline Reidy, Co-Founder & Chairperson

Caroline Reidy

CEO & co-founder

Caroline Reidy is a seasoned HR and Employment Law Expert with over 20 years of experience. As the Managing Director and founder of The HR Suite and a former member of the Low Pay Commission, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the field. With a Masters in Human Resources and CIPD accreditation, Caroline is passionate about empowering businesses with efficient HR management solutions. Her vision for HumanShine is to revolutionize HR processes using cutting-edge technology, creating an all-in-one HR Management System that streamlines digital HR operations.

Caroline’s journey in HR management, from her years in Kerry Group and the retail and hospitality sector to her role as Operations and HR Director of the Garvey Group, fueled her ambition to address the challenges faced by businesses in managing their workforce. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and user-friendly HR software, she founded HumanShine with the mission to empower managers and business owners to optimize their HR processes effortlessly. Through HumanShine, Caroline seeks to offer businesses a people-first approach to HR management, simplifying complexities and facilitating their success in the ever-evolving business landscape. With her expertise and dedication, HumanShine aims to be the go-to solution for businesses seeking optimized HR efficiency, compliance, and a people-centric approach.

Emily Brick, Co-Founder & CTO

Emily Brick

CTO & co-founder

Emily Brick is a visionary leader in the realm of data science and technology. As the CTO and Founder of HumanShine, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the development of cutting-edge HR software solutions. Emily is also founder of one of Ireland’s leading edtechs, Athena Analytics

As the CTO and Founder of HumanShine, Emily brings her expertise in data science and web-based software to revolutionize the HR management landscape. With a clear vision and a passion for innovation, she is committed to building HumanShine as the leading HR Management System, offering businesses the power of advanced technology combined with simplicity and practicality. Through her leadership, HumanShine aims to empower businesses with real-time insights and user-friendly tools, ensuring seamless HR operations and informed decision-making. With Emily’s expertise driving the technology behind HumanShine, the platform is set to become a game-changer in the world of HR management.