All-In-One Hr Management System For Small Businesses
All your People needs in one place

Automated HR compliance software

Centralise and manage all employee information effortlessly and securely. Access important personal details, documents and more in one secure and user-friendly place. 

Streamline your time off management effortlessly with our all-in-one leave tracker. Stay organised with our intuitive system and save valuable time by no longer having to manage your employee leave requests manually. Now, employees can easily request time off whenever they need and track their days directly from their Humanshine profile.  

Empower your workforce with self-service capabilities. Thanks to our employee self-service system, there’s no need for numerous email exchanges to request documents or information. Now, employees can access all their personal data, documents, leave and other information directly from our Humanshine platform. 

Keep track of all employee documents securely and easily share any necessary company paperwork. No more hassle of sending documents to employees – save time and streamline the process with Humanshine.

Gain valuable insights into your company’s people. Our platform provides managers with a clear overview of their team’s status, structure, and more, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise productivity and performance. Generate personalised reports using your company’s data to stay in the loop about your team’s dynamics. 

Benefits to your organisation

Comprehensive HR management solutions

Build streamlined digital HR processes to free up time for your growing business

Comparison of HR software tools

Provide colleagues with deep data-driven insights and visibility

Digital HR Processes

Safeguard employees sensitive data and organisational integrity

Digital HR Processes

Enable happy and productive workplaces

Digital HR Processes

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Are you ready to start transforming your People processes?

Are you ready to start transforming your HR processes?